Civil Rights Leader Stumps For Gottheimer In Heated Congressional Race

Congressman John Lewis (D-GA)

HACKENSACK, Logan Family Life Center — Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) urged everyone to turn out in droves on Election Day to elect 5th District Congressional Candidate Josh Gottheimer.  Gottheimer, a former speechwriter for the White House and executive at Microsoft, has raised more money for his campaign than any other than any other New Jersey candidate vying for the House.  His Rep, rival is seven-term incumbent Rep. Scott Garrett.

Lewis was a leader in the Civil Rights Movement. As a student at Fisk University he organized sit-ins and later participating in the Freedom Riders, an organized protest against segregation on buses throughout the country. He was also part of the Selma to Montgomery Alabama march to raise awareness for voting rights, later known as “Bloody Sunday” because police attacked and beat the participants.  Lewis suffered many beatings for his protest actions.

Lewis said, “I believe in bringing people together.  This young man, you elect him, you will have someone that loves all of us. No one would be left out or left behind.”

Lewis suggested that Gottheimer would better unite Congress, citing Garrett’s vote against the reauthorizing the Voting Rights Act.  “This young man, this young brother, will help lead the people of this district, help lead this county, this city, and our nation to a better place. We need his vigor, his vitality, his smartness. He will never, ever let you down.”

Gottheimer said he is in favor of taxes and would work across party lines, “I’m running for Congress because I believe that this community and all communities are so tired of the politics seeking to divide people.”

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