First Female African-American Presiding Judge Elected by Superior Court Bench

Incumbent Judge John Stewart announced Wednesday that the San Francisco Superior Court Bench elected its first female African-American, Judge Teri L. Jackson, as presiding judge.

Jackson has been a member of the San Francisco Bench since September 2002.  Jackson’s two-year term will begin Jan. 1, according to court officials.

In a statement Jackson said: “The San Francisco branch reflects the diversity of our city and the entire Bay Area, and we are fortunate to have such a diverse, energetic and innovative group of judges to assure equal and fair access to justice for all people who use our courts. Together we share a commitment to assure that all San Franciscans are served justly and fairly in our justice system.”

Jackson hopes to further a “one-court” approach to justice in San Francisco, which she says would promote more efficiency and access to justice.

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