US Supreme Court to rule if Trump can run for president

Donald Trump
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President Joe Biden has said Donald Trump is “willing to sacrifice our democracy” to regain power – as the US Supreme Court agreed to look at questions over his eligibility.

Mr Trump is favourite to be his rival again in November’s election.

President Biden attacked his ambitions and motivations, repeatedly referencing the 2021 storming of the Capitol by Trump supporters.

It came as the US Supreme Court agreed to hear¬†Mr Trump‘s appeal over¬†Colorado’s decision¬†to disqualify him from its presidential primary elections.

The state of Maine has also followed suit.

The Supreme Court – which is weighted in his favour – could now make a decision that will settle such eligibility questions.

It indicated a speedy decision, scheduling oral arguments for 8 February, ahead of the Colorado primary on 5 March.

The states excluded him over language in the US Constitution’s 14th amendment that¬†bars people who “engaged in insurrection or rebellion”¬†from holding public office.

A statement by the Trump campaign said it looked forward to a ruling that would “affirm the civil rights of President Trump, and the voting rights of all Americans”.

Republican presidential candidate and former U.S. President Donald Trump attends a campaign event in Waterloo, Iowa, U.S. December 19, 2023. REUTERS/Scott Morgan TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY
Mr Trump is strong favourite to be picked again by the Republicans


Speaking in Pennsylvania on Friday, President Biden said the election would be a fight for the country’s soul and “all about whether democracy is still America’s sacred cause”.

“Democracy is on the ballot. Your freedom is on the ballot,” he said.

He painted Mr Trump’s re-election campaign as a backward-looking ego-trip and “all about him, not America”.

The Capitol riots, in Washington on 6 January 2021, saw Trump supporters run amok after he made false claims the election had been “stolen”.

Mr Biden called the event one of the “worst derelictions by a president in US history” because Mr Trump did not intervene.

“He told the crowd to fight like hell. And all hell was unleashed,” Mr Biden told supporters near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

“Then as usual he left the dirty work to others. He retreated to the White House.”

“We nearly lost America – lost it all,” Mr Biden added.

Photo by: zz/STRF/STAR MAX/IPx 2021 1/7/21 Jake Angeli, a QAnon 'Shaman', was seen storming the Capitol Building yesterday in Washington, D.C.. STAR MAX File Photo: 1/6/21 The United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. was breached by thousands of protesters during a "Stop The Steal" rally in support of President Donald Trump during the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.
Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in January 2021

Five people died due to the chaos and dozens were injured, as thousands descended on Washington to try to stop the election result being certified.

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The ex-president is promising “revenge and retribution” if elected again and his campaign has glorified the riots, said Mr Biden.

He said Mr Trump’s description of his opponents as “vermin” was the “exact same language used in Nazi Germany”.

Mr Biden also hit out at Mr Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 result, saying he had lost 60 court cases and “exhausted every legal avenue”.

The former president faces dozens of criminal charges related to his efforts to reverse his election loss.

However, he says top Democrats are themselves trying to subvert democracy by using the legal system to stop his campaign.

Ahead of Mr Biden’s speech, the Trump team put out an ad calling Mr Biden “the true destroyer of democracy” and referencing the special counsel’s investigation into his actions on 6 January.


James Matthews Sky News US correspondent @jamesmatthewsky

Even the leader of the free world can’t control its weather. Joe Biden’s big 6 January speech had been scheduled for the 6th, naturally, but a gloomy weekend weather forecast brought it forward 24 hours.

It was a blot for campaign choreographers never knowingly under-thought, although Biden’s event team did ensure that everything else was dripping with symbolism.

Certainly, there was the venue. Joe Biden spoke at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, where George Washington spoke to his troops about democracy as a “sacred cause” in 1777. Here, the cause echoed through the centuries as America’s 46th president invoked one former holder of the office to disparage another.

At this unofficial campaign launch, we saw animated Biden – teeth-baring as he took aim at Donald Trump.

There are many in the Democratic movement who complain they don’t see it often enough, suspicious of campaign managers who caution against being sucked into a slugfest, for fear it overshadows Biden’s achievements in office. Democrat jitters are fuelled by polls that show their man somewhere between level and losing to Trump in too many key states.

It is, by no means, the first time that Biden has sounded a warning on democracy but this set-piece speech at the start of election year represents a tweak in the strategy – his advisers speak of a “sharpening not a shift”. They picked their date with the Iowa caucuses just days away, the thinking being that Americans will be turning their minds to choice in a way they haven’t until now.

Elevating democracy as a central campaign theme builds a referendum on his rival. The Biden camp will also hope that re-telling the story of 6 January reinforces the narrative of what took place – this, in a year when Trump will bounce between courts claiming political persecution. The 6 January story told by Trump and his supporters is laced with falsehoods and conspiracy theory, with “patriots”, not rioters, at its heart.

And yet, it is widely believed and endorsed, particularly in Republican circles.

Source:  Sky News

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