Suspected Serial Killer Denies Involvement In Amsterdam Woman’s Disappearance

By Janene Pieters

Sjonny W. denies that he was at all involved in the disappearance or death of missing Sabrina Oosterbeek from Amsterdam. In court on Tuesday he confirmed that he saw her the night before her disappearance in March 2017, but said that was “one evening of many”. The 46-year-old man is suspected of murdering three women, including Oosterbeek, reports.

On the night of her disappearance, Oosterbeek was at W.’s home. She used drugs there and they had sex. According to W., afterwards he let the woman out of his apartment and has no idea what happened to her then. W. was in possession of Oosterbeek’s bicycle, but claims that he bought it from her. The woman was addicted to drugs and W. regularly gave her money in exchange for sex, he said. It was also not the first time that he bought a bicycle from her, he said.

The Public Prosecutor believes that W. killed Oosterbeek and hid her body. Despite various searches in the Amsterdam region, the woman has never been found. Two men detained with W. said that he told them that he was involved in Oosterbeek’s death, according to the newspaper.

W. is also suspected of killing two other women, 26-year-old Monique Roossien in 2003 and 30-year-old Mirela Mosin 2004. Roosien’s body was found at the bottom of a dyke along the IJmeer in Amsterdam. And Mos’ body was found cut into pieces in several garbage bags in the Dutch capital.

A DNA match led the authorities to Sjonny W. A trace of DNA that matched with his was found on one of the garbage bags in which Mos’ body parts were found. A miniscule trace of blood was found while the police investigated Mos’ car. Strikingly, that blood turned out to belong to Roossien. According to the Prosecutor, W. is the only connection between these two women.

W. claims that he also had sex with Mos and Roossien, saying that his relationships with them were similar to the one he had with Oosterbeek.


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