Love the Sinner: Ross Harris’s Father Claims to be Posting on WJN

Leanna Harris, wife of Justin Ross Harris, the father of a toddler who died after police say he was left in a hot car for about seven hours, looks on during her husband's bond hearing in Cobb County Magistrate Court, Thursday, July 3, 2014, in Marietta, Ga. Harris who police say intentionally killed his toddler son by leaving the boy inside a hot SUV was exchanging nude photos with women the day his son died and had looked at websites that advocated against having children, a detective testified Thursday. At that same hearing, a judge refused to grant bond for Harris, meaning he will remain in jail. (AP Photo/Marietta Daily Journal, Kelly J. Huff, Pool)

For the past few weeks, if you have been watching the Ross Harris trial with us, you may be familiar with a poster who goes by the name “Docsoloman” in our chat room.

“Doc” was steadfast in his assertion that Ross did not harm his son Cooper intentionally, and he was frequently met with a great deal of opposition by other commenters.  After explaining that he was closely related to the case, Doc was quick to point out what he felt were unfair comments made about the defendant.  He promised to reveal his identity after the case had been presented in full.

Meanwhile, a poster here did her own research and was able to find this from a college football message board back in 2014:



Today, as the judge finished giving the charges to the jury, Doc admitted that he was Ross’s father, Reggie.


This confirmed what some of us had already come to believe.

Reggie Harris was watching his son’s trial with us.

The implication of this was not lost on our posters.  While some were quick to offer condolences, other members felt so strongly about Harris’s guilt that it was important for them to voice their opinions too. When asked, Docsoloman explained that he was not attending the trial because Ross’s attorney thought it would solicit more sympathy from the jurors if he appeared to have minimal family support.

Mr. Harris left us with these words: “Will check out now. But everybody remember this from now on, when you are in a blog or message board, you never know who is reading it. God bless all of you and yours.”

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  1. for those of us at WJN if we had only known we could’ve been more understanding yet still voicing our opinions, I leave Docsolomon with these parting words..May God Bless you and comfort you

  2. I do admit I had, and I have apologized for, my harsh words directed at Mr. Harris in the beginning. After a brief google search, I determined who DocSoloman was a week or so ago. After that I toned down my comments, but NOT my rage, at his son’s careless & senseless acts that caused the death of that beautiful child. While Mr. Harris and his family (with one exception) have my sympathy, I will maintain my opinion that Ross Harris deserves the MAXIMUM sentance available. RestIn Peace Cooper. May you get the justice you deserve.

  3. I wish he could have let us know sooner who he was in relation to Ross, it was a missed opportunity for dedicated trial watchers to explore had he been willing, the process from his perspective. Could have engaged in conversations regarding the testimony as it came out with him hearing it from the stand the same time we were. I send my thoughts of condolence to Coopers loved ones as they heal.

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