Weed Activists Freaking Out Over Sessions Hearing

Marijuana activists are anxious over President-elect Donald Trump’s appointment of Alabama GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general, claiming he will orchestrate a federal crackdown on legal weed. Sessions, who is having his confirmation hearing Tuesday, is a staunch opponent of marijuana reform and some activists worry his appointment may lead to further raids in states where marijuana is legal.

Advocates of marijuana legalization at the state and federal level are concerned Trump will take a hands-off approach to the enforcement of current state laws and give Sessions permission to push a pro-marijuana prohibition agenda, reports Forbes.

Sessions is expected to secure the confirmation Tuesday and some activists allege there is already a plan in place to begin rebuking recent state decisions to legalize the substance.

“The rumor I’ve heard is that they will be cracking down with D.C. first,” Adam Eidinger, founder of the D.C. Cannabis Coalition, told Forbes. “That a large number of dispensaries are going to get shut down straight up, shut down by the DEA six months from now. Then all the states that legalized are going to get letters saying ‘No, don’t do it.’”



Weed Activists Freaking Out Over Sessions Hearing

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