Jodi Arias’ Attorney’s Law License Suspended

Notorious killer Jodi Arias’ former attorney has been suspended from the practice of law for four years.

Kirk Nurmi penned a book about representing Arias during her two salacious, at times almost pornographic trials for the vicious murder of Travis Alexander, her on-and-off lover.

Last month, the State Bar of Arizona lodged a formal complaint against Nurmi, alleging he violated ethics rules by revealing confidential communications he has with Arias and family members. Ā The Bar also alleged Nurmi revealed evidence that was ruled inadmissable by trial Judge Sherry Stephens.

Rather than face a formal hearing and possible disbarment, Nurmi negotiated an agreement in which he will surrender his license for a period of four years. Ā As part of the agreement, Nurmi also admits that he made scurrilous remarks about Arias both in the book and while promoting it.

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