Kohlhepp Responsible for Superbike Motorsports Quadruple Slayings

Nearly 13 years to the day, one of Spartanburg County’s longest unsolved homicide cases took a stunning turn Saturday when the Spartanburg County sheriff announced a man in custody on a kidnapping charge confessed to the slayings.

Sheriff Chuck Wright said Todd Kohlhepp, 45, who was arrested Thursday after a missing Anderson County woman was found alive chained in a storage container on his Woodruff property, admitted shooting four people to death at Superbike Motorsports in Chesnee on Nov. 6, 2003.

“We found out today — not a week ago, not a month ago — we found out today what I’m about to tell you,” Wright said. “Back in 2003 on Parris Bridge Road, there were four members of the Spartanburg County society brutally murdered. It’s called the Superbike Motorsports case. Scott Ponder was killed. Beverly Guy was killed. Brian Lucas was killed. Chris Sherbert was killed. I’m happy to report to you that because my God answers prayers, we signed four warrants on Todd Kohlhepp today with a confession that he did this crime.”

Documentary on the 2003 slayings are here:


read the full story here:  http://www.goupstate.com/sports/20161105/sheriff-kohlhepp-responsible-for-superbike-motorsports-quadruple-slayings


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