Jimmy Savile Makes My skin Crawl, By MariePipWJN, Editorial.

When Louis met Jimmy

Jimmy Savile Ohhhh!! give me a gun!

I have read ton’s of stories, news articles, watched films and documentaries on Savile in the last few month’s.

We the general public have endured a slew of programmes on Savile. But Louis Theroux’s Savile has to be the most compelling Yet!

I found that even as long ago as 2000 when Louis Theroux did his famous “when Louis met Jimmy” documentary, he was disgusted by the nasty. vile man’s comments and actions.

In footage from the original when louis met Jimmy, Theroux, was busy reading a menu and choosing his meal, as Savile pushed himself against a young girl in a pizza restaurant in Leeds. Despicable Man!

I get the feeling he (Theroux) was utterly mortified,  when he reviewed the footage several months later. He did what he could to expose Savile, but the vile Savile had a way of evading suspicion about his gross behaviour.

I can’t blame Theroux, he did a great job of feeding Savile enough rope to get himself hung! in the original documentary.
However, i do blame the BBC and the big knobs that ignored all the red flags!
Why was this god forsaken animal never dealt with in his lifetime?

Police corruption? Payoffs to keep victims quiet so they avoid the public shame of living in this hellish nightmare Savile created and left them with? 

The Victims said they felt Savile treated them better than their own family, “the abuse wasn’t that bad ” said one woman, ¬† which breaks my heart, to think that Savile forcing these poor people to perform sex acts on him, was a better option than being at home with the “real abusers”! Tragic!!

So my feeling on the documentary follow up made by Theroux (A great documentary film maker?)

I find he asks all the relevant questions, in few words and then smiles a lovely smile as the interviewee digs their own grave, as he did with Savile’s assistant!, boy was she besotted.

He presented us with a good documentary where he expressed his sorrow at not noticing the behaviour earlier and as one victim asked him Louis ¬†” do you feel like he groomed you?”

 Yes! was my answer yes! he did groom you Louis!

As he did hundreds of others in his life, like the lady assistant again  so adamant that Savile is innocent, the only answer can be she herself  was groomed and brainwashed! 

I find looking at Savile makes me extremely uneasy, my skin crawls and it makes me want to smack the hell out of him and others, that performed these vile acts on innocent people. I can only empathise with the men and women who suffered at his vile hands!  

I have a gut feeling that we are far from done with the likes of Savile, Fred the weather man, Max Clifford, Stuart Hall and Rolf Harris to name a few.

It’s the tip of a very big iceberg and many more, much loved, charitable celebs will join the likes of them. in a sinister group of vile creatures that we have to endure in the future,
God Give me a GUN! 

MariePip, Editor WJN News.

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