Jeremy Lee

Jeremy Lee, 16, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge for the murder of a 29-year-old Amanda Lynn Benton. Benton was reported missing Sept. 28, 2016. She was found dead two days later in a vacant home in Southwest Detroit. Lee and 23-year-old Jacob Barnes were arrested that day and originally charged with felony murder, first-degree murder, assault of a pregnant individual, intentionally causing death of a fetus and mutilation of a dead body. But Lee pleaded guilty to second degree murder and the rest of the charges were dismissed. Barnes is scheduled to go to trial in May. Lee has been held at a juvenile detention facility while Barnes is being held in the Wayne County Jail. Barnes also was given a habitual offender fourth offense notice because of prior convictions, which holds a mandatory 25-year sentence. The maximum sentence is life, or a lesser term because of the prior convictions.