Girl Who Convinced Teen Who Liked Her To Commit Suicide, Just Learned Some Bad News In Court

On March 6, the 20-year-old Massachusetts woman Michelle Carter who encouraged her 17-year-old boyfriend to commit suicide over text message finally goes to court on manslaughter charges. 

Because she sent the confused and depressed teen text messages egging him on to finish himself off, she will stand before a jury later this winter for her role in his premature death.

If Michelle Carter hadn’t encouraged Conrad Roy III to commit suicide, he probably wouldn’t have done it on that day. Now a young man is lost forever.

Roy was 18-years-old when he died of carbon monoxide poisoning in 2014.

While meeting in court, Carter’s defense attorney, Joseph Cataldo, told Taunton Juvenile Court Judge Lawrence Moniz that he isn’t prepare to defend his client. He asked the judge to push back the court day to April or May.

Judge Moniz was quick to reply.

“Oh, that’s not happening. That’s not happening,” Moniz said in a hearing on Monday. “We’re not going to put it out that far.”

The pretrial hearing was on Monday. During that session the judge granted Carter’s defense team funds to hire an expert to examine an antidepressant both Carter and Roy were taking at the time of his suicide.

Earlier this month, the judge had rejected this request. But on Monday, Carter’s attorney explained that Celexa could be important to the defense case since it has been shown to increase people’s suicidal thoughts.

On Monday, Moniz had to reverse his decision when the attorney present more facts about the drug.

 “I think it’s relevant, but it will be up to the judge to determine whether a jury should know about that,” Cataldo told the Herald.

Besides the drug side effects, Cataldo wanted to examine evidence of domestic abuse in Roy’s family.

In the 2014 incident, before Roy was found dead in his pickup truck in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, Carter, who was 17-years-old at the time, had sent Roy dozens of text messages encouraging him to kill himself.

Among her text messages, Carter told the troubled teen to go through with it. She wanted him to finish his life so he would stop complaining about his depression to her.

“You have everything you need. There is no way you can fail. Tonight is the night. It’s now or never.”

“So what are you gonna do then? Keep being all talk and no action and everyday go thru saying how badly you wanna kill yourself? Or are you gonna try,” she texted him days before his death.

“You’re finally going to be happy in heaven. No more pain. No more bad thoughts and worries. You’ll be free.”

Roy doubted whether or not he should do it, “I do want to but I’m like freaking for my family I guess. I don’t know.”

Carter replied with encouragement: “Conrad, I told you I’ll take care of them…they will be okay and accept it. People who commit suicide don’t think this much. They just could do it.”



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