Man arrested after woman is kicked down flight of stairs in underground station

Germany – A man has been arrested in connection with a horrifying attack in an underground station in Berlin after Lady Ga Ga’s bodyguard offered a £1,677 reward.

A shocking video was shared showing a thug kicking a 26-year-old woman down a flight of stairs at a metro station in October.

The CCTV footage failed to motivate witnesses to come forward, until bodyguard to the stars Michael Kuehr, 54, offered 2,000 EUR (£1,677) to help catch the attacker and his three accomplices.

The video shows a man walk behind the woman as she descends a flight of stairs before kicking her back, sending her flying forwards and down the stairs.

Kuehr, who is also bodyguard to Charlize Theron, said he ‘almost had to vomit during breakfast’ when he saw the woman falling down the tiled staircase in the widely shared clip.

The victim was later taken to hospital and is said to be helping police with their inquiries.

Kuehr said: ‘I am an absolute opponent of vigilantism, there are laws. I see myself as a supporter of the police.

‘I have already received a useful note and passed it on to the police.’A businessman, who wishes to remain anonymous, also reported to local media that he wanted to donate 10,000 EUR (£4,190) to help solve the case.

Half will go to the person coming forward with information and the second half to the victim.

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