Shawnee Krall

Shawnee Lynn Krall is charged with the murder of Alice Queirolo, 29 on Dec. 20, 2020. The prosecution allege Krall killed Queirolo during a sexual encounter during which some form of restraint was used. Queirolo, was reported missing on Dec. 21 after not arriving at work. When police searched her home, her purse, cell phone, vehicle and dog were all there, which indicated to police she 'may not have left her residence voluntarily'. Krall, who rented a room in Queirolo’s home, refused to cooperate when asked for his help finding Queirolo. When Minot Police found Queirolo's car they failed to get a search warrant to open the trunk nor had not contacted Krall's probation officer. All evidence related to and collected from a vehicle allegedly left by Krall on the property of a third party was ruled inadmissible. That evidence included Queirolo's body which was discovered in the vehicle's trunk. The ruling was upheld by the North Dakota Supreme Court, leading to the dismissal of a charge of gross sexual imposition against Krall.