Shandon Groom and Timothy Moore

Shandon Ray Groom and Timothy Eugene Moore were accused in the killing of singer Egypt Covington. The singer was found dead in her home in 2017 with a gunshot behind her ear and her hands bound by Christmas lights. In 2020 Michigan State Police took over the investigation from Van Buren Township police. Timothy Moore and Shane Evans were then identified as suspects. Later that year, Shandon Groom became the third suspect in the murder. On June 22, 2017, the three men planned to rob Covington's neighbor's home. Her neighbor reportedly ran a marijuana business. Evans did maintenance at the duplex where Covington lived, and he knew that her neighbor's home would be empty that weekend. When the men arrived at the complex, Evans pointed out the correct house and let the others know which door to enter. However, by mistake Moore and Groom used the wrong door and broke into Covington's home while she was watching a movie. Cell phone records and GPS locations were used to place Evans, Moore, and Groom at the scene of the crime. The men also stole Covington’s cell phone, which pinged to the same location as their phones before they threw it away. Groom is charged with first-degree murder, felony murder, and first-degree home invasion, and three counts of felony firearm. Evans pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 15 to 25 years in prison.