Robert Durst

Robert Durst, 78, is currently serving seven years for a weapons conviction. He is charged with murdering his best friend Susan Berman at her Los Angeles residence in December 2000. The prosecution claim Durst shot Berman in the head in cold blood to keep her from speaking with cops taking a fresh look at the 1982 disappearance of his first wife Kathie Durst. The prosecution also claim Durst was living undercover as a mute woman in Galveston, Texas, after Berman's murder when he killed his neighbor Morris Black in September 2001 because he feared Black might out him. After his arrest for Black's killing, Durst posted bail, left the state and got picked up in Pennsylvania for shoplifting. Durst was arrested on suspicion of killing Berman in March 2015. He was taken into custody while on the run in New Orleans a day after the finale of the HBO docuseries The Jinx, which chronicled his life.