Oman takes over human rights body chairmanship

The Oman Human Rights Commission (OHRC) took over the Network’s chairmanship at the 13th General Assembly meeting of Arab Human Rights Network in Muscat yesterday.  In attendance were renowned Arab, regional and international figures, chairmen of human rights’ commissions and organisations.  The opening speech was given by Dr. Mosa Barizat, General Commissioner of the National Centre for Human Rights in Jordan. Thereafter the chairmanship was handed over to Dr. Isa bin Said Al Kayoumi, OHRC Chairman.

Isa bin Said Al Kayoumi said the mission was to seek to improve the OHRC performance – by promoting human rights culture and providing the social environment for freedom of expression without any exaggeration and without any involvement of issues related to racism, religion or creeds as this has negative effects on Arab societies.

Dr. Hessa Al Badiaa (OHRC), Ambassador Mohammed Nageeb (National Council for Human rights in Egypt) were selected as members of the drafting committee. Al Moathir bin Ahmed Al Siyabi (OHRC) has been selected as rapporteur of the meeting.  The Sultanate, Qatar, Egypt, Palestine and Morocco have also been elected for the executive committee for the Arab Network. The meeting approved the annual report of the Network for 2015 and the progress made in the action plan for 2016.

Algeria was selected as the host country for the next general assembly meeting in 2017.

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