Lester Jones

Jones is accused of the 2007 kidnapping and murdering of Paige Birgfeld, a Mesa County mother of three by day and alleged escort by night. She was last seen headed back home to Grand Junction on the night of June 28, 2007. Three days later, her car was found burned along 23 Road. Birgfeld's fate was unknown until 2012, when hikers in the Wells Gulch area of Delta County came across her remains. Jones was charged in 2014. Jones was one of Paige's customers. Prosecutors said he had a prior record of kidnapping and assault. He also worked across the street from where the burned out car was found, and had a gas container that he couldn't explain. The defense aimed to highlight flaws in the sheriff's investigation, arguing five other suspects could have committed the murder, but the sheriff's office failed to dig deep enough to find out.