Kellen Winslow

Kellen Winslow II has agreed to a new plea deal that will keep him in jail for 14 years for sex crimes against five women. A new plea agreement has replaced a previous plea agreement from November 2019 when the former NFL tight end pleaded guilty to rape and sexual battery charges rather than face the possibility of life in prison. That deal stipulated Winslow spend between 12 and 18 years behind bars, with a judge determining the length of the sentence after a hearing. Winslow, 37, raped two women, assaulted another and committed misdemeanor sex crimes against two others, according to the agreement. The deal includes a new guilty plea by Winslow for assaulting a hitchhiker with the intent to commit rape in March 2018, replacing a guilty plea he made in November 2019 for sexual battery against the same woman.