Bessman Okafor

Bessman Okafor was originally sentenced to death in 2015, after being found guilty in the 2012 murder of Alex Zaldivar, 19, who was due to testify against Okafor in a home invasion case. A jury voted 11-1 to sentence Okafor to death in 2015, but the Florida Supreme Court in 2016 ruled on unanimous jury recommendations for such a sentence. Okafor's sentence was overturned in 2017. Okafor's resentencing trial was put on hold after a juror, Kayla De Pena, 26, told the court she discussed the case with a friend. She eventually told the judge that she lied about having any conversations about the trial. De Pena was ordered to spent 179 days in jail for direct criminal contempt of court charges and pay a $500 fine - both maximum sentences the court could impose. A new jury will decide Okafor's resentencing.