Timothy Ferriter

Timothy Ferriter is charged with aggravated child abuse and false imprisonment along with his wife Tracey Ferriter in March 2022. No trial start date has been set yet for his wife Tracy - the couple were initially charged together but their cases were severed at Timothy’s request, citing comments his wife made to police when he was not present. Police in Jupiter, Florida began investigating the couple after their, then 14-year-old, adopted son was reported missing on January 28, 2022. The couple have three other children. Tracey told police that the missing child had 'run away from home several times' and told officers that her adopted son had several behavioral issues. While police were searching for him they went to the Ferriter’s Jupiter home during their investigation and discovered an 8 x 8 box in the garage. It was locked from the outside. Inside, it was bare, with a mattress, a bucket to use as a bathroom, and a Ring camera. On Jan. 31, 2022 the boy was seen. When interviewed he told the police he was forced to stay in the box. Officers said the child’s story was corroborated by thousands of videos found after serving a search warrant for the Ring device. Since his parents’ arrest in February 2022, the boy has been in state care. Prosecutors offered Timothy a plea agreement that would have sent him to jail for 24 months, but he rejected it in the days leading up to the trial. If convicted, he faces up to 30 years in prison.