Richard Allen

Richard Allen is accused of killing Libby German, 14, and Abby Williams, 13, while they were hiking through Indiana's Delphi Historic Trails on 13 February 2017. An affidavit released in November 2022 shows that an unspent .40 caliber round was found between the teenagers' bodies, and it was later linked to Allen's Sig Sauer Model P226 firearm through forensic evidence. Prosecutors believe the gun links Allen directly to the case, after forensics determined a bullet found next to the girl's bodies had cycled through his gun. Lawyers for Allen claim that the two teenagers were killed by members of a pagan Norse religion and white nationalist group called 'Odinism'. Ron Logan, who died in 2022, had long been the prime suspect in the killings after the girls' bodies were found on his property. Both girls' bodies were discovered on Logan's property - just 1,400ft from his house - and it was revealed that his alibi for the day of the murder was inconsistent with the facts. His home was searched and he was arrested shortly after the killings, but he was released and never charged. The FBI investigation concluded that a voice in a clip of a man talking to the girls shortly before their deaths was described as being 'not inconsistent' with that of Logan. Kegan Kline was also named as a possible murderer. Kline was linked to the case because he had communicated with Libby via a fake Instagram account the morning she and Abby went missing.