Prison Hostage Breaks Her Silence

James T. Vaughn Correctional Center
James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Delaware, where one Correctional Officer was killed.

On the one year anniversary of the prison riot at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Delaware, where one Correctional Officer was killed, and one was severely injured, a female Counselor who was held hostage made her first public statement about her ordeal.  She shared it with World Justice News.

While she has been widely identified by various media outlets, per her request, World Justice News is not publishing her name or pictures at this point in time.

This is her statement:

“One year ago today (Feb. 1st, 2017), tonight and tomorrow morning (the 2nd), I was being held hostage in one of the worst U.S. prison riots. I am so full of gratitude to God the Father, the Holy Spirit and Christ my Savior; the angels; and caring men, who happen to be incarcerated, for protecting me from death and harm. My wonderful extended family and friends for loving me, praying for me and supporting me. Grateful for my prayer warriors who have prayed faithfully for me and my work in the prison before the incident and afterwards. Deeply grateful also for The Governor, State Homeland Security Chief, State Police (from 2 States), the Correction’s Commissioner, medical staff, my co-workers, who worked around the clock to gain my freedom and who are still giving me support. Also the multitude of co-workers, legal team members, friends, and people I previously did not know, who have given all kinds of support. I hear we had prayer partners, from all over the world, who were lifting us before God. My heart and love continues to go out to the severely injured officers, their families, and the friends and family of the officer who was killed. Please pray for everyone’s healing, including the inmates who were also victims and for the perpetrators. May God continue to bring beauty from ashes and bring everyone to Him.”

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