Human rights groups protest in Lagos, demand resignation of arrested judges

National Judicial Council Nigeria

Members of human rights and anti-corruption groups, led by Comrades Desmond Abiola and Salau Kola , led a peaceful protest yesterday in Lagos urging the judges arrested last weekend by the Department of State Security (DSS) to resign from their respective positions ahead of their prosecution.

According to the protestors the DSS acted within its jurisdiction by arresting the judges, adding that the judiciary must be sanitized as the only hope of common man. Salau  said it was hypocritical for some people to have described what the DSS did as a clampdown on the judiciary. He said, ‘’There must be no place for corrupt judges in this country. We need a sanitized judiciary to achieve success in the anti-corruption and anti-terror war. We need a clean bench to drive democratic reforms.  All the judges so far indicted or arrested for corruption should immediately resign considering the magnitude of the case that the DSS has built against them. The cases of those that have been given lenient punishments by the National Judicial Council (NJC) should be revisited with a view to dragging them before a law court. The DSS must widen its investigation to take in all the petitions that the NJC had earlier discarded.’’

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