Melodie Gliniewicz

Melodie Gliniewicz is the widow of a northern Illinois police officer who killed himself in 2015 amid an investigation into his theft of thousands of dollars from a youth program. She pleaded guilty for her role in the scheme. Gliniewicz pleaded guilty to one count of deceptive practices, a felony that carries of maximum prison term of three years. In exchange for her guilty plea, prosecutors dropped all of the other charges she faced, including counts of money laundering and disbursing charitable funds without authority for personal benefit or use. The plea marks the latest chapter in a bizarre story that began on Sept. 1, 2015, when Fox Lake police Lt. Charles Joe Gliniewicz radioed a dispatcher that he was chasing three suspects on foot. A short time later, his body was found in a remote wooded area with two bullet wounds to the torso. Weeks later came the stunning news that his death was actually an elaborately staged suicide and that for years, the 30-year veteran of the force had been stealing money from the youth program he oversaw.