Jose DeCastro

Jose 'Chille' DeCastro was found guilty in a bench trial on March 19, 2024 and sentenced to serve 180 days in the Clark County Detention Center on an obstructing justice charge for interfering with a Las Vegas police traffic stop. The self-proclaimed 'First Amendment auditor' and 'constitutional scholar' had been accused of intentionally getting in the way of an officer to film a traffic stop, and refusing to back up when asked. This was not the first time DeCastro had been in trouble with law enforcement. He admitted that he had been arrested four other times for filming police across the country, according to body-camera footage. DeCastro has since hired prominent Las Vegas defense attorney Christopher Oram to represent him for an appeal. DeCastro has now filed a motion for him to be released from jail or be granted bail. DeCastro also faces a further charge of obstruction to be heard in Las Vegas Municipal Court.