James Scandirito

James Scandirito II is charged with first-degree murder and abuse of a dead human body. He was arrested after his father's torso and upper legs were found buried in two pieces at the old Ocean Breeze Golf Club in Boca Raton. It was concluded that the retired 74-year-old's manner of death was a 'homicide by unspecified means.' That was because the former Michigan judge's head has not been found. Scandirito II was then seen carrying the suitcase and disposing of it in a dumpster, the affidavit said. The suitcase, along with a smaller suitcase inside of it, was recovered by police and contained 'bloody clothing, maggots and the smell of decomposing remains.' Within a few hours, human remains were found on the golf course, buried about 4 feet deep which were later identified the remains as those of Scandirito.