Colleen McKernan

Colleen McKernan is charged with shooting and killing her husband on New Year's Eve 2014, less than a year after they got married. This is the second time McKernan will stand trial for her husband's death, after a previous trial ended in a hung jury. McKernan previously testified that on the night in question, she and her husband Rob - both U.S. Air Force veterans - had been drinking, and that he became violent. She said she grabbed a gun to protect herself, but did not remember the actual shooting. An autopsy and x-rays showed that Rob McKernan was shot 10 times. She has alleged that he had been abusive in the past. McKernan called 911 at the time, saying she had shot her husband after he hit her, and that she was performing CPR. When police arrived at the scene, they found Rob dead, shot in the face and torso, but did not notice any visual signs of Colleen being injured. If convicted, McKernan could serve 18 years to life in prison.