Charlie Adelson

Charlie Adelson is accused of hiring people to kill his former brother-in-law Dan Markel during a heated custody battle with Adelson's sister. Markel was a law professor at Florida State University and was shot at close range and killed in his Betton Hills garage in 2014 in a professional hit that prosecutors say Charlie Adelson arranged. The judge presiding over the Charlie Adelson case ruled that a secretly recorded conversation between him and Katherine Magbanua, a former girlfriend who dated Adelson and was on the payroll of his dental office can come into evidence. Magbanua was already convicted in the murder plot to kill law professor Dan Markel. During the recording, Adelson allegedly suggested making a one-time 'charity' payment to a so-called blackmailer who went up to his mom and gave her a newspaper article about Markel with $5,000 written on it and a phone number to call.