Alexee Trevizo

Alexee Trevizo gave birth in the bathroom of the Artesia General Hospital on January 27, 2023 after showing up complaining of back pain. After delivering her baby boy alone, she put his body in a trash can for cleaners to find. She claims the baby boy was a still born. However, prosecutors say she killed the baby boy by strangling him because the baby had air in his lungs when he died. Trevizo claims she did not know she was pregnant. A toxicology report shows the baby had 0.19 nanograms of morphine in his system when he was born, and that he also tested positive for COVID-19, influenza AandB and SARS. The hospital gave her morphine, and they also gave her more pain medication. Her attorney says they gave her ketorolac, which you are not meant to give to pregnant women, and ondansetron for nausea. They also gave her Cyclobenzaprine, a muscle relaxer, acetaminophen, and morphine, which you are also not meant to give during labor. They removed the IV so Trevizo could go to the bathroom. After giving birth in the bathroom, Trevizo placed the baby in a trash can and covered him in a bin liner which was discovered by a hospital cleaner.