Aaron Ybarra

Aaron R. Ybarra, 27, of Mountlake Terrace, Washington, packed a knife, a shotgun and 75 rounds on June 5th and drove to Seattle Pacific University (SPU) and opened fire, killing Paul Lee, 19, a freshman, and injuring Sarah Williams, 19, and Thomas Fowler, 24. He was stopped by Jon Meis, a student building monitor, who pepper-sprayed him and grabbed the shotgun Ybarra was carrying, before helping another student hold him down until police arrived. Ybarra gave an admission that he found it 'so fun'. In the newly released video of police questioning Ybarra, he talked openly about his enjoyment at firing the first round. 'You're like, I can't believe that I'm doing this, but once you do it, you're like: 'Oh my God, it's so fun.' Ybarra had been seeing a psychotherapist for his OCD and transient psychosis, but stopped attending sessions. He began drinking on a daily basis and stopped taking his prescriptions of Prozac and Risperdal. Despite the statements made in the police interview, Ybarra has pleaded not guilty to first degree murder.