Steven Wiggins

Steven Wiggins is charged with first-degree premeditated murder in the death of Sgt. Baker, who was shot and killed May 30 while responding to a report of a suspicious car. Wiggins is accused of shooting Baker at close range, dragging the deputy's body to the patrol car, placing Baker in the rear seat and then driving the patrol car away. Wiggins reportedly ditched the patrol car in a field a few miles away and set it on fire, with Baker inside, before fleeing the scene.Sgt. Baker was found dead inside his patrol car about two or three miles away from the initial scene. The deputy's GPS system was used to locate his patrol car after there had not been any contact with him. Initial autopsy reports show Sgt. Baker had six gunshot wounds: two to his torso; one to his hand; and three to the left side of his head. Video evidence and other elements from the scene helped the TBI identify Wiggins as a suspect. Erika Castro-Miles was also arrested for her alleged involvement in the shooting. She is charged with first degree premeditated murder. District Attorney Ray Crouch has said he will be seeking the death penalty in the case.