Mike Montana

Mike Montana, 55, is accused of ambushing and shooting CBS News 8 Sports Director Kyle Kraska in front of his home on February 10, 2015. Montana allegedly fired into Kraska's car as he was backing out of his driveway and intended to kill him due to a financial dispute over a paint job. Kraska was shot in the bicep, leg and twice in the chest on Feb. 20, 2015. Bullets damaged his liver and one of his lungs. At the time of the shooting, Montana was out on bail. Montana, is charged with premeditated attempted murder and shooting into an occupied vehicle. Montana is also charged with leaving threatening voicemail messages at the San Diego Rowing Club in late 2012 after officials asked him not to ride his Jet Ski through an annual regatta in Mission Bay. If convicted, he faces 37 years to life in prison.