Lonnie Wade

Lonnie Wade, 65, was an off-duty Detroit police officer when he allegedly beat a man at a Detroit Meijer in October 2017. He faces four charges in connection to the beating. CCTV cameras were recording when officer Lonnie Wade accused David Bivins, 23, of shoplifting. Bivins says he was waiting in the store's lobby for his fiancee, Hillary, to return from the bathroom. Wade, who was working security for Meijer, approached Bivins and demanded to see his receipts. Bivins refused to answer.The 23-year-old then began swearing at the officer, when things quickly escalated. Wayne County prosecutors said Bivins attempted to record the interactions and that is when Wade attempted to arrest him – and stuck him with a baton. The fight continued in the parking lot and Bivins was eventually placed under arrest for disorderly conduct. There was no evidence that anything was stolen at the Meijer.