Jack Kowalski Vs Johns Hopkins Medical Center

Jack Kowalski (on behalf of his children Maya and Kyle and the estate of his late wife Beata) won a lawsuit against Johns Hopkins All Children's Medical Center (JHACH) which treated his children beginning in 2015. Jack Kowalski claimed that the hospital's treatment and accusations of child abuse against his wife Beata led her to take her own life in Jan. 2017. Maya was initially admitted to JHACH in July 2015 for a severe asthma attack but began experiencing severe pain and weakness. In Sept. 2015, Maya was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, a neuropathic disease that according to the lawsuit is 'generally caused by damage to or malfunction of the central nervous system'. To treat the diagnosis, Maya was given Ketamine infusion treatments. In Oct. 2016, Maya began to experience abdominal pain and vomiting and was taken back to JHACH for treatment. Beata asked for Maya to be given the appropriate dosages of pain medications she needed. A social worker employed by JHACH reported Beata to the DCF Child Abuse Hotline, claiming that Beata was interfering with Maya's treatment and there was a disagreement about dosages of Ketamine. The hospital then tried to fight Jack and Beata when they tried to remove Maya from the hospital. The lawsuit accused the hospital of working with its staff to 'imprison' Maya without legal justification and barring her family from visiting. The resulting prolonged separation from their suffering daughter manifested in Beata's depression, fatigue, and overwhelming sense of hopelessness. The jury awarded $261M but Attorneys for the hospital now request a new trial alleging that the jury foreman's wife interfered with the trial by posting 'inside' information on social media.