Zaevion Dobson

Christopher Bassett, 22, Richard Williams 23 and Kipling Colbert Jr., 22, each face a first-degree murder charge along with other charges. The state said the investigation showed 15 people were shot at in the Lonsdale neighborhood that night, with four people being hit and two of them dying - including Zaevion Dobson. Morton said three guns were recovered with more than 90 shots being fired at multiple scenes, with 34 of those shots being found at the Lonsdale residence Zaevion was at when he shielded his friends from gunfire. Investigators say Basset admitted to shooting into a crowd on the night of Dec. 17, 2015. He and Williams were arrested in an April 2016 traffic stop. They were indicted on first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder and firearm possession charges, in August 2016. Colbert was arrested in April 2016 on an unrelated charge, and was indicted on the first-degree murder charge in June 2017.