William Klein

William J. Klein, 34, is facing charges for killing two teenage boys walking on a sidewalk near Ferndale on Wednesday, June 10. Klein told investigators he was sleepy but not under the influence of drugs during the crash. Klein was driving a black SUV on West Smith Road with his 3-year-old son inside at the same time dozens of Windward High School students in a P.E. class were walking on the sidewalk around 1:30 p.m. Klein swerved slightly to the left, then over-corrected to the right and hit four teenage boys. Shane L. Ormiston, 18, and Gabriel L. Anderson, 15, both died at the scene. The two other boys hit, Michael A. Brewster and Kole A. Randall, both 17, had severe fractures to their legs. Klein told troopers investigating the crash that he was sleepy. He admitted to regular marijuana use and past use of hallucinogenic mushrooms but did not say he was under the influence of either at the time.