Whiteboy Ndyalvane and Netshiongolo

Scorpion Ndyalvane, Cayleen Whiteboy, and Voster Netshiongolo are charged in connection with the murder of Eldorado Park teenager Nathaniel Julies. Julies, who had Down's Syndrome, was shot and killed by Whiteboy. Ndyalvane and Whiteboy are accused of premeditated murder, defeating the ends of justice, possession of illegal ammunition and firing a gun in public. Netshiongolo is charged with accessory to murder after the fact and defeating the ends of justice. The ammunition allegedly used is banned for use by the police. The state is expected to argue that Ndyalvane loaded a police issued shotgun with illegal ammunition allegedly belonging to him. Netshiongolo allegedly only showed up at the scene after Nathaniel was killed and driven in a police van to Baragwanath hospital with a chest riddled with pellets.