War Machine

Jonathan Koppenhaver, 35, the former UFC and Bellator fighter also known as War Machine, faced over 30 charges including two counts of attempted murder for an alleged brutal assault carried out against adult movie actress Christy Mackinday and her friend, Corey Thomas, in August 2014 which left Mackinday suffering from numerous injuries included a punctured lung and several broken bones. The attempted murder charges carry a possible sentence of life in prison. Koppenhaver allegedly burst into Mackinday's Las Vegas home and accused her of cheating on him with Thomas. He then allegedly punched and choked Thomas for nearly 10 minutes before ordering him to leave and warning him not to call police. Unbeknown to Koppenhaver, Mackinday had dialled 911 while Thomas was being assaulted and then hidden the phone, the report said. Once Thomas was gone, police allege Koppenhaver turned on Mackinday, repeatedly punching her as she ran into a bathroom and then forcing her to take a shower. Koppenhaver then allegedly delivered a beating so ferocious it left Mackinday with a blowout fracture of her left eye and several other broken bones in her face, two missing teeth, a lacerated liver, broken ribs and serious bruising in several places.