Virgin Orbit

Mission: Start Me Up - Type: Earth Science. 7 payloads for government and private customers. This mission is the first launch from the United Kingdom. The LauncherOne was manufactured by Virgin Orbit. LauncherOne is a two stage orbital launch vehicle that is an air launch to orbit rocket, designed to launch 'smallsat' payloads of 300 kilograms (660 lb) into a Sun-synchronous orbit, following air launch from a carrier aircraft at high altitude. The Virgin LauncherOne Rocket Start Me Up mission will take off from The Spaceport in Cornwall. Cosmic Girl, the repurposed 747 which will carry the rocket containing the satellites, is expected to take off between 21:45UK and 22:45UK (4:45pmET and 5:45pmET). The rocket, LauncherOne, will then be released off the coast of Ireland between 22:54UK and 23:54UK (5:54pmET and 6:45pmET). Cosmic Girl will return to the spaceport between midnight and 01:00 on Tuesday.