Troy Victorino and Jeron Hunter

A judge threw out the death sentences against Troy Victorino, the ringleader in the Deltona mass murder, and accomplice Jerone Hunter, who were both convicted for the massacre in which six people were stabbed and clubbed to death. Jurors were not unanimous in their recommendations that Victorino and Hunter be sentenced to death for the 2004 mass murder. The guilty verdicts against them stand. Both Victorino and Hunter are each serving mandatory life sentences on two of the killings plus another life sentence each on a burglary with assault. Victorino, 40, and Hunter, 31, were sentenced to death in 2006 for the mass murder in which they clubbed and stabbed the half-dozen people to death in a house in Deltona but the four death sentences against Victorino and the four death sentences against Hunter were overturned because the death sentence verdicts were not unanimous.