Scot Peterson

Scot Peterson is facing eleven charges for remaining outside of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School while a gunman roamed the halls of the school in February 2018, shooting and killing seventeen people inside. Peterson, 60, is charged with seven counts of felony child neglect for four students killed and three wounded on the 1200 building's third floor. Peterson arrived at the building with his gun drawn 73 seconds before Nikolas Cruz reached that floor, but instead of entering, he backed away as gunfire sounded. Peterson is also charged with three counts of misdemeanor culpable negligence for the adults shot on the third floor, including a teacher and an adult student who died. He also faces a perjury charge for allegedly lying to investigators. He could get nearly a century in prison if convicted on the child neglect counts and lose his $104,000 annual pension. Prosecutors and Parkland parents argue Peterson could have helped find the shooter faster if he had gone inside.