Sandra Waller

Sandra Lynette Waller, 49, of Taylor is charged with first-degree murder and felony firearms violations in connection with the fatal shooting of her co-worker inside the Burlington Coat Factory store on Eureka Road in Taylor, Michigan. Police said the shooting happened around 7:05 a.m. The victim, Lorraine Maylynn Faison, 49, of Allen Park, was rushed to Beaumont Hospital in Taylor, where she was pronounced dead. An argument between the two 49-year-old woman began Sunday and resumed in the morning before the store opened, police said. Shouting and name-calling escalated to the point in which Waller allegedly pulled out a handgun and shot Faison in the chest, authorities said. 'The employees were coming in for work,' Taylor police Cmdr. Richard Hopper said. 'The store was not open to the public, and the employees were just checking in for work at the time.'.