Sabrina Limon

Sabrina Limon is facing first-degree murder charges in the death of her husband. Sabrina Limon's husband, Robert Limon was shot to death in August 2014, at BNSF railyard in Tehachapi. Robert Limon was a BNSF employee, but rarely worked out of the Tehachapi office. The murder was a mystery for investigators until they discovered Limon's wife, Sabrina, was having an affair with Jonathan Hearn, a firefighter who is 11 years younger than her. Two months later the pair were arrested for his murder. After being in jail for two years Hearn agreed to testify against Limon, admitting the two planned the murder together. In exchange, prosecutors reduced his murder charge to voluntary manslaughter. Hearn faces 25 years 4 months in prison as part of a plea agreement if he testifies against Limon on the stand.