Ross Harris

Justin Ross Harris, who goes by his middle name, was found guilty in December 2016 of murdering his son Cooper. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole plus 32 years to serve consecutively. The additional years stem from counts of child cruelty and Harris’ inappropriate sexting relationship with an underage girl that came out during the investigation. Cooper's lifeless body was found still in the rear-facing car seat in the back of Harris' SUV that was parked in the lot of his employer in Cobb County until the evening of June 18, 2014. The lot is less than a mile from the restaurant the father and son ate at just hours earlier. Investigators said Harris had visited his SUV to drop off a purchase midday. It wasn't until seven hours after he parked his SUV for work that he called for help. The temperature that day reached into the high 80s. Harris said he preferred sex with strangers, was cheating on his wife, was only married because of his son, and has a sex addiction. Investigators even discovered an exchange Harris had with an underage teen the same day Cooper was found dead. A hearing over the motion for a new trial, filed by a new attorney representing Harris, was granted earlier this year but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Harris' defense team have said the pre-trial publicity about Harris' numerous affairs and sex addiction made it impossible for a fair trial.