Robin Howington

Robin Howington was facing six charges in the Sept. 2019 shooting death of her 5-year-old daughter Destiny Oliver, including felony murder, aggravated child neglect, making a false report, tampering with evidence and attempted tampering with evidence. Howington has given several different versions of what happened, including blaming an unknown intruder and blaming Oliver's biological father and lastly claiming her two-year-old son shot his sister by mistake. Authorities found a handgun hidden in a bush near her home. Howington accused her boyfriend of stashing the gun. But a neighbor captured video footage of Howington herself hiding the firearm there. She then claimed she wiped down the gun and hid it outside after her 2-year-old son had found the weapon in a closet and shot Destiny Oliver in the chest. Howington also allegedly tried to break her phone to stop police from going through it. She also tried to pass the phone to someone else to keep it out of police hands. Howington has claimed she did this because there were records of her selling marijuana on the phone.