Robert McDonald

Robert McDonald is charged with assault, battery and violating his oath of office. The a former Gwinnett County police officer is accused of assaulting a man during a traffic stop. He lost his job over the incident. The traffic stop in April of 2017 was captured on cell phone videos and sparked a considerable storm on social media once it was shared. In the video, the driver, Demetrius Hollins, was stopped by Officer Michael Bongiovanni and McDonald. When Hollins stepped out of the car, Bongiovanni punched him in the face while not appearing to resist. Hollins was forced to the ground, and then McDonald ran up with his gun drawn and kicked the driver. Bongiovanni, McDonald's supervisor, was also fired as the result of the traffic stop. He took a plea deal to avoid prison time, and as part of that, was required to testify against McDonald.