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Officer Randall Wesley Kerrick on trial for voluntary manslaughter. In September 2013, Kerrick was one of the officers who responded to a call for a possible intruder. Police spotted Jonathan Ferrell on the road near the house. Officers put their lights on Ferrell. One had his stun gun out and Kerrick drew his weapon. What happened next is at the heart of the matter. According to investigators, officers didn't give Ferrell any commands. And the unarmed 24-year-old, dazed from an earlier accident, became afraid and ran between the patrol cars where Kerrick was standing. Police say Kerrick shot and killed Ferrell. But Kerrick's attorneys insist it's a case of self defense. They say Ferrell ignored several commands - and looking 'zombie like' - ran full speed towards the officers. Kerrick fired 12 shots. Investigators say 10 bullets hit Ferrell. Hours later, detectives charged Kerrick with voluntary manslaughter.