Quaneesha Johnson

Quaneesha Johnson is facing multiple charges, including murder and aggravated assault for a shooting that killed Demonte Smith on Nov. 27, 2022. Police, who were outside the home when the deadly shot was fired, captured Smith’s last words on their body-cameras. Smith said 'She shot me. She hit me in the head. She shot me'. Officers had responded to a 911 call by Johnson but say that she 'repeatedly antagonized' Smith. After Smith went inside the home, Johnson allegedly asked officers what would happen if she shot him in self-defense. While police remained outside of the home, Johnson went into her vehicle and removed a handgun and a tire iron before returning to the home. Inside, there was a gunshot before Smith came back out of the house and approached police. Video shows the victim tell officers,'“She hit me with the metal thing first bro, and then she shot me'. Johnson's 8-year-old daughter and her then-2-month-old sister were the only other people inside the house during the shooting.