Othal Wallace

Othal Wallace is accused of shooting Daytona Beach police Officer Jason Raynor in June 2021. Raynor, 26, died on Aug. 17, 2021, two months after the shooting. Wallace is charged with first-degree murder. The night Raynor was shot he was looking for a stolen car with a similar description to the one Wallace was driving. Wallace was not driving the car it was parked. It later turned out not to be the stolen car. Body camera video shows Raynor approaching Wallace on June 23, 2021, while Wallace was in his car, parked behind a Daytona Beach apartment. The video clip released to the media of the entire interaction is just 29 seconds long. It shows Raynor asking Wallace to sit down so he can question him, before a brief conflict, and then a gunshot can be heard. Police said Wallace shot Raynor in the head, then took off in the car. Wallace was found four days later hiding inside a treehouse at a property outside of Atlanta, Georgia, that has ties to a Black militia group. The state will be seeking the death penalty in their case against Wallace.