Oscar Martinez

Oscar Martinez III is charged with committing a robbery on February 21 2022 during which two people died as a result of a shooting. 14-year-old Christopher James Mejia and 66-year-old Enrique Bocanegra both died in the shooting. Mejia and another suspect planned to rob an unknown male and take his bag of drugs. On that day, Martinez drove a Suburban carrying Mejia and three others to a gas station, He circled the gas station, parked and they then called Jerry Ortiz, 17, who was standing near the store's doorway, over to the Suburban. Mejia got out of the Suburban, grabbed Ortiz and attempted to take his bag. During the struggle, both of them pulled out guns and opened fire. Someone inside the Suburban also fired a gun. Mejia died when he was hit by bullets. A 17-year-old Hispanic teenager in the Suburban was also shot and was hospitalized in critical condition. Bocanegra was an innocent victim, as he was watching television at home when he was hit by a stray bullet. The person hospitalized faced charges of capital murder once he was discharged along with the other three occupants of the Suburban who were unharmed. They were identified as two minors and Oscar Martinez III who was then 21 years old.